Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Purpose & Ways to get Involved
Posted on 10/26/2022
Breast Cancer Awareness Photo






by Noah Killeen, managing editor

43,250. This is the number of women that are expected to die from breast cancer just this year. Every person has been affected, directly or indirectly, by the disease, which has over 280,000 cases a year. In an effort to spread awareness of the illness, the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) was founded by Imperial Chemical Disease and the American Cancer Society in 1985. Since then, every October has been dedicated to destigmatizing the topic of breast cancer and promoting treatments to cure it.


The NBCAM’s efforts aid women every year by promoting mammograms, the most effective way to detect the early signs of breast cancer. The disease is so deadly because, once a person begins experiencing symptoms, the chances of survival decrease drastically.  The CDC recommends that 50-74-year-old women should call their doctor for a breast screening once every two years, and women aged 40-49 should ask their doctor questions on if they should come in for regular screenings. 


Besides spreading awareness about mammograms, the NBCAM also aids in raising billions of dollars for breast cancer support. Every donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation aids a plethora of causes. The foundation assorts these donations into three different buckets. One goes directly to developing educational programs (advertisements, brochures, etc.) that raise awareness of breast cancer and the ways to prevent it. The next bucket goes to paying the salaries of office administrators or accountants who support the internal operations of the foundation. The final bucket is used to provide grants to hospitals that help thousands of women every year. While a donor can certainly require where their money is spent, it is recommended to give unrestrictive donations as this can aid the foundation in giving money to the purposes in need. Interested in donating? More information can be found by going to


Aside from government and non-profit organizations, most of the attention is brought to this cause by others. The National Football League (NFL) helps the cause by donating proceeds to charities and incorporating the pink look on the field. Delta Airlines has painted a Boeing plane pink to spread awareness of breast cancer research. Even the White House has recognized the cause! Every year, the landmark is illuminated with a pink glow to recognize those who have survived or are still fighting the disease. 


Estrella Foothills High School also hosts events that support the cause. The volleyball team hosts a “Dig Pink” home game where the crowd is encouraged to wear pink and donate to support the cause. This fundraiser has already raised over $1,800 this year alone. Also, on Thursday, October 27, the Student Body is encouraging students and staff to wear pink to support breast cancer awareness. 


With 1 in 8 women contracting the disease, breast cancer is something that affects everyone. It is critical that we continue to promote awareness around the illness, so it is encouraged to find ways to help the cause. The fight towards finding a cure and decreasing the mortality rate can only be achieved if humans work together. 



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