Go Vote!

Determining the Future
Posted on 11/08/2022
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by Noah Killeen, managing editor

A mere 66.1% of eligible voters submitted a ballot to decide who would lead them as the President of the United States in the recent 2020 election. Yet, when reviewing American history, it is prevalent that the right to vote is something that past leaders wanted everyone to participate in - not just ⅔ of the population. Leaders like Thomas W. Dorr, founder of the “People’s Party” in the 1850s, were arrested and harassed just to ensure that everyone could cast a ballot. There was a time in America when only the people who owned very large sums of land held the power; however, leaders from across the nation fought to ensure even the least powerful people could have their voices heard. From Fredrick Douglas to Lucy Stone, leaders recognized that although only a small sum of people, like 66.1% of the population, went out to vote, the decisions made by politicians affect 100% of Americans. 


Many Americans lost faith in the voting process, suggesting it is “unfair” and their votes aren’t counted. Former President Donald Trump is notorious for his assertion that the previous presidential election was unfair and stolen, and many people choose to not vote because of this belief. Regardless of whether this claim is true or not, how does refusing to vote solve the problem? If anything, wouldn’t a large sum of voters make it more challenging to “steal” an election? By participating in America’s oldest tradition of casting a ballot, you elect the leaders that make the most change in the nation. Progress isn’t possible without the voices of millions, and it is critical to be part of that crowd who wants their opinions heard. 


Today, on November 8, millions of Americans are deciding who should lead them as their next elected officials, and there are a lot of issues on the ballot. Whether it’s immigration policies, abortion rights, foreign policies, or new economic legislation, each party has differing solutions to the problems facing America today. It is the responsibility of everyday Americans to decide how they want their future to look and how their country should act today. Voting shouldn’t be a process that is dreaded, but rather a process that is celebrated. Every vote that is cast is a new perspective on defining America’s future and present. 


While many students at Estrella Foothills High School can’t vote yet because they’re not old enough, it is important to stay updated on the political issues that affect Americans. Turn on the local channel, read the latest Apple Story, or stop scrolling when you see your favorite TikTok news station. By staying informed now, you ensure that your upcoming ballot is being cast with knowledge and wisdom to back up your choices. So, when you turn 18, don’t be a part of that 32.9% of eligible voters who don’t make it to the polls. Go out and vote!



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