Preparing for AP Tests

5 Tips to Get You Ready for AP Exams
Posted on 04/25/2022
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by Noah Killeen


All AP students know the pressure that comes right before the exams in May. With many AP exams all coming at around the same time, it is hard to find time to study for every exam. Luckily, if you stay consistent, there are some ways to perform well on these exams while also not spending your whole spring preparing for these exams. Here are 5 tips that you can use to ensure that you perform well on your next exams:

  1. Attend Wolf Dens. Many of the AP classes at Estrella have designated wolf dens (lecture halls) that are used to provide practice material and study guides for the AP exams. Ensure that you attend these dens regularly so you can be better prepared for the exams. If you’re struggling, don’t hesitate to ask your teachers for additional guidance outside of these lecture halls.

  2. Create a balanced schedule. College Board suggests that the best way to perform well on these exams is to “not cram, have a plan.” So, you won’t benefit from cramming for these exams the night before. It is advised to create a spreadsheet that says when you will be studying, what content you will be studying, and how long you will be studying. Be sure that this schedule is practical, and don’t try to make it too rigid of a schedule or it will be hard to stay consistent. Begin your studying now so you don’t feel so pressured when May comes around.

  3. Utilize AP Daily/AP Reviews. Due to 2021 being a virtual exam year, College Board offered regular zoom calls with teachers that provided a review for each essential topic. All of these calls were recorded and are under the “Review” tab of your AP Classroom. Each AP class has eight reviews, and they cover the most important topics that will be brought up on the actual exam. These are recommended to watch as they provide practice questions and cover important topics.

  4. Review the Course Description. Every AP class also offers a course description in AP Classroom, and this consists of a 200-page document that provides every detail that is covered in the exam. Skim through this document and ensure that you know the essential details, and also find out what the exam will be testing.

  5. Don’t stress. Remember that the AP exams are supposed to be a reflection of how well you grasped the topic, so it is important to remain confident and not to stress on these exams. Although this is a stressful period, ensure that your schedule remains balanced and you’re still finding time to relax.

Good luck to everyone who is testing!