Book Club started at EFHS

Estrella Book Club to hold weekly meetings
Posted on 03/21/2022
A bookcase with several books in it





by Noah Killeen

Managing Editor


Many students dread reading in school; however, they are interested in reading outside of school. They hate the old literature in English class, or the confusing science books. Because of this, they procrastinate on mandatory reading schedules and find themselves associating any form of reading with the dull books that are provided to them. However, in order to restore students' passion for reading, two students at Estrella Foothills High School are establishing a book club at our high school!


“We created a book club because we wanted an opportunity for a group of people to be able to come together and express different world perspectives and literature,” said Keely Walker, a student at Estrella Foothills High School and founder of the newly established book club.


Their mission is to bring people together through literature. Everyone gets a voice in the books that they read, and they decide as a group what book the group will read. The group, led by Ms. Waring as the book club sponsor, plans to create an open environment at every meeting where there isn’t a lot of commitment that members have to make.


“Book club meetings will be run in a friendly, informal way. There will be little snacks like coffee cakes to snack on while we discuss, and it will be a laid-back, positive environment,” Keely said. 


The book club is founded by Keely Walker and Gracie Wressell. The next meeting is March 24, and meetings are planned to be held weekly. Currently, the book club is reading “The Outsiders.” Input for the next novel selection will be taken at each of the meetings. 


“Students should join Book Club because it offers a deeper understanding of their peers and the world around us by getting to listen to others about their perspective,” said Gracie Wressell.


The book club will be offering officer positions and will be open to anyone, so it is recommended for all students that have a passion for reading to join.