Valentine's Day: A C-list holiday

Opinion Piece on the Day of Love
Posted on 02/14/2023
Valentine's Day Card


by Keely Walker


This will be my first Valentine's Day actually doing anything since the start of my relationship. For the most part, I think it’s a cute way to coerce your partner into spending money on you. Out of most holidays, I would say it has the best aesthetic, but then again, I am also a big fan of the color pink. Flowers, candy, and other romantic gestures serve to remind your significant other how much they really mean to you.


However, my main issue with Valentine’s Day is that it acts as an opportunity for people to do the things they should do all year exclusively on one day and call it good. Not to mention, half the time you get your hopes up for an elaborate demonstration of love and affection, only to be met with nothing or some of the trash Valentine’s Day candy that they sell for $1. Why do we place all this weight on one day, when in reality, partners should come up with ways to surprise and make their significant others feel special all the time? Honestly, it feels like a way for lazy people to get out of putting in the effort they should put in year round for their partners. 


Overall, it’s a cute holiday. Nothing groundbreaking, showstopping, or even close to perfection, but if it makes one person even feel a little more loved, I guess it did its job. The true travesty is how early the decorations for it come out – some even before Christmas – but I can’t get too into that because otherwise it will be a tangent that never ends. Enjoy the extra special time you get to spend with your loved one, but most importantly, remember how this time does not have to be limited to once a year for the sake of a holiday.