Journalism Club starting up

Here's a look at what the journalism club is about
Posted on 01/24/2022
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by Noah Killeen

Americans tend to have a very pessimistic view on journalism. In recent years, misleading articles are being published on a daily basis and many are falling victim to believing these stories.  This has become so common that many Americans come to believe that journalism has been replaced by activism, and there doesn’t appear to be any media sources that people can confidently say they trust.  Yet, this negative stereotype on journalism doesn’t have to be permanent – it can be changed by us. By establishing a journalism club at Estrella Foothills High School, we hope to promote journalism as a positive contribution to our society.

“Journalism allows me to feel more comfortable in the classroom, and a background in journalism allows me to deliver my message clearly,” said Mr. Pritchard, an English teacher at Estrella Foothills High School and the Journalism Club Sponsor.

Journalism impacts everyone’s lives, and joining the journalism club allows you to develop the needed professional skills later in life. In almost every profession, writing and communication skills are needed to be successful. The journalism club offers an interactive approach to allowing students to develop these needed skills through writing articles, developing passions, and working with other students.

“You need to be a good writer for all aspects of life, especially when you begin moving into your career,” Pritchard said. “Communication is essential for any career, and journalism is the club that will help you develop this needed skill.”

The unique part of journalism is that anyone has the potential to write fascinating stories as long as they have a passion for a certain topic or event. Interested in sports? Write an article about a local or professional sports team. Interested in global topics? Write an opinions article that expresses your concerns for America or the world. The club’s creativity is limitless, and the newspaper topics come from the wide variety of passions seen on campus.

“If you want to express yourself in any type of way, it is perfect to join the journalism club,” said Pritchard, whose former profession was as a journalist at the West Valley View newspaper. “This allows you to share your stories while also getting peer review from someone with a journalism background.”

Because there are so many different categories that make up journalism, we have specific officer positions to run the different sections. The officer positions include Managing editor (President), News editor, Sports editor, Opinion Editor, Features Editor, and a Photo Editor. These officer positions look very impressive on resumes, and they are a perfect way to develop leadership skills on campus.  We are still looking for applicants to fill up these positions, so come to our next meeting to find out how you can contribute to running this club!

Meetings are held every Friday after school in Room 614. The best part about our meetings is that we have established a very laid back environment where it feels like a friendly, open workspace that allows for group collaboration. We hope to see you there!