Blood Drive coming up

Help Out and Donate Blood
Posted on 09/28/2022
EFHS student donating blood






By Keely Walker, opinions editor

This Thursday, September 29, is our EFHS Fall blood drive. Organized with Vitalant, our blood drives are usually done in trimesters during the school year: one in fall, winter, and then spring. Some of the qualifications to donate are as follows: be 110 pounds minimum, have parent’s permission slip (unless you are 18+).

However, this nearing blood drive springs an important question: why is giving blood important? According to the Red Cross, blood is necessary to help patients in surgery, cancer treatment, and other major injuries or illnesses. One blood donation can save up to three lives. Furthermore, giving blood presents an opportunity to examine how healthy your blood is. Professionals screen blood for any possible issues like iron deficiencies, and report back to the donor. It is also a way to figure out what blood type you are. Not only does donating potentially improve your physical health by noting any blood issues, but it can improve your mental health knowing you are saving lives.

Please email or find Mrs. Schultz to ask more questions about the blood drive or get a permission slip for the drive!